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At Clementine Travel Co, we don’t just plan family vacations. 

We give parents a remarkable superpower:


The ability to stop time.


Because your kids? They grow up so fast. And when your day-to-day schedules are packed to the max, you’re just all too busy to even notice the minutes, weeks, and years slipping away. One day it’s diapers, the next they’re donning that graduation cap. 


But a vacation—especially a thoughtfully designed one!—presses pause on all that.

Instead of the after-school rush of homework and dinner and dishes, it’s about slowing down and savoring time together. Instead of games on the iPad, it’s about in-real-life discovery. 


On your vacation, your kids get to be kids. And you get to be fully present in every moment.


Every smile, laugh, and “Hey Mom, look at this!” turns into a memory you can cherish forever.


Now how’s that for a super power? 


Hi, I'm Nicole Grant, lead travel designer & founder of Clementine Travel Co.

I founded Clementine Travel Company to help families make the most of their travels. Your time together is precious—and hard to come by in today’s busy world!—so my job is to make sure every moment counts. 


That’s why my team and I are big on personalizing your family vacation. Maximizing every moment means that every moment is tailored to you. Because what works for one family may not work for yours; as a parent myself, I know just how true this is! 

I know exactly how much of a difference personalized planning can make to your family vacation. Your family has its own unique needs, interests, and preferences. My job as your travel designer is to honor that uniqueness and deliver a journey tailored to you in every possible way. 


Because a vacation tailor-made for your family is a vacation worth cherishing—and one that leaves all the stress back home.


My ultimate goal? To open up more of the world for you and your family, so you can explore more deeply together than you ever thought possible.  


Ready to discover, together? Let’s connect and start planning your next great family vacation.

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