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Bucket List Family Vacations [No Passport Needed]

There are only 18 summers with our children before they become adults. All the reason to sit down with your family and create the ultimate family vacation [no passport needed] bucket list. Now you may be thinking, “Where do we even start?” Well, I’m here to share a few vacation ideas that are family-friendly and fun for those of all ages.

1. Find Your Inner Country

Enjoy some good old-fashioned fun at a dude ranch. From horseback riding

and fishing to water sports and camping, your family will enjoy a variety of activities to fill a full week of fun. Popular states for this type of vacation include Wyoming, Montana, and Colorado.

2. Seek out Thrill in Orlando, Florida

12 theme parks can be enjoyed in Orlando, Florida. Among them are the four popular parks of Walt Disney World and three parks of Universal Orlando. For families that love magic, imagination, adventure, and storytelling, this destination may have to be spread out over multiple visits to see them all!

3. RV Cross Country

Pack up the family and hop in the RV. With so many great spots to stop and explore across the United States, an RV trip from coast to coast may be one of the best ways to fit the most destinations in one trip.

4. Cruise Alaska

If you want stunning scenery, wildlife, and beautiful glaciers, look no further than Alaska. Cruising this destination takes the logistics out of packing up and going from place to place, so you can cover more in less time with less hassle!

5. Hula by the Ocean

The islands of Hawaii are lush and stunning with so much culture and history. Explore active volcanos, learn to surf, attend a luau, and lay on the beach - all without a passport!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your family, sit down at the table, and start curating your family vacation bucket list! Need help planning your trip? Contact me today!


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