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Don't Make These Walt Disney World Mistakes!

Planning a trip to WDW takes a lot of thought and planning. That’s why you’re using a travel agent, right? Even with the best-laid plans, one can encounter a bump or two along the way. Here are some common mistakes we see at the Happiest Place on Earth:

Mistake #1 – Not reserving table service meals in advance. You’ll absolutely

need to make a reservation for sit-down meals 60/180 days prior to your arrival. And, beware … they go fast, especially signature and character experiences.

Mistake #2 – Not using mobile order. If quick service dining is preferred, we encourage you to order using your device in advance. Payment via this method is contactless and all you have to do is pick up your order and go.

Mistake #3 – Not budgeting in advance. This is especially true for food and merchandise. Scope out menus ahead of time and don’t impulse purchase. Try to go in with a PLAN and a budget and stick to it.

Mistake 4 – Overpacking. You don’t need four pairs of shoes and two pairs of Mickey ears per day! Make and stick to a packing list, but don’t forget essentials! Sure, you can find them on the property, but at a premium.

Mistake 5 – Overplanning. Prioritize your parks and attractions, but don’t pen anything in. Variables like weather and crowds could quickly derail a day that has been booked down to the minute. Be sure to plan for breaks with all of that walking!

Mistake 6 – Ignoring the forecast. Monitor the weather in Orlando prior to departure and adjust accordingly. Likely rain gear will be needed for summers, and a sweater, sweatshirt or jacket needed for cooler winter nights.

Mistake 7 – Visiting at the wrong time. As a rule of thumb, holidays, school breaks, summer, and weekends will bring the crowds. If they’re too much for you and/or you prefer a more relaxed vibe, check out other times of the year.

Mistake 8 – Wearing the wrong shoes! You should not purchase those cool new sneaks specifically for this trip. New shoes are culprits for a world of hurt, and band-aids. Stick with pairs that are broken in and comfy.

There you go, the mistakes we see most often! We can help you avoid all of these and more. Reach out when you’re ready to plan your next trip to Walt Disney World. Remember to book well in advance, even six to nine months before travel!


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